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This morning, an ordinary being will rise from bed. He will clean himself, groom himself, dress himself, and leave his apartment building. Getting in the elevator, he will travel the seven hundred sixty floors from his floor to the ground in seconds. He will debark, pass through the lobby, exit his home, and as he begins to walk to the tram to work he will look up. And in the sky above him, almost blotting out the sun, will be millions of freighters, transports, and other cargo vessels: the lifeblood of the galaxy. Each is on their way to or from some exotic port of call, drawing together the mammoth economic structure of the quadrillions of residents of uninhabited space. And, invisible to this being, the great warships of one of a thousand fleets loom nearby, keeping the lanes clear and competing with its two opponents for the galaxy's increasingly scarce natural resources.

Welcome to Corporate Expanse!

Corporate Expanse is an original themed science fiction MUSH, set in a galaxy divided by three great corporations; corporations which first melded with and then supplanted the pre-existing governments in their section of space.

Corporate Expanse, its theme, its webpage, and all other properties except where otherwise noted copyright 2006 the Directors of Corporate Expanse MUSH. All rights reserved. Space images from the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration and are released into the public domain.